Message from the Founding Partner

Message from the Founding Partner

We are a leading global investment firm that provides a diverse range of investment and asset management services across the energy, health, environment, and agriculture sectors to a unique client base that includes corporations, individuals and government agencies.

Since we opened our doors in 2015, we have operated with a national and global stance that places emphasis on the tactical development of transformational projects to produce exceptional financial returns for our network of partners. 

We have provided development advisory services to key development institutions in Nigeria with the government being our clients. Some institutions that have benefitted from our services include the World Bank, DFID, USAID, and African Development Bank (AfDB) to name a few.

In our role as a social impact investment and advisory company, we help government govern better by helping them develop critical infrastructure for the most vulnerable people in the country which includes people living in remote areas, communities and rural areas. We believe in creating a miniature version of whatever robust infrastructure that the government has made available in the city like roads, rail system, bridges, water, education infrastructure and more for the use of those in the rural areas to make their lives better while ensuring equity and balance all around.

At SAO Capital, we do above and beyond what can be expected of a typical investment and advisory firm. What really differentiates us is the ability to speak to clients, be it national or sub-national government, understand what their problems are, and go out to the field to do a diagnostic study of what is currently in the field. After that is done, we then employ our expertise through the use of heavy data and indices to re-prioritize the project for the government based on what we think is the most priority for them.

We develop it further, creating feasibility studies before proceeding to raise the capital required for the project and also implement it. In a nutshell, we ensure that there are no loose ends throughout the project life cycle. From developing the project itself to raising the right capital – usually concessional loans for the government for less percentage interest rate, all the way through the tenure of the loan which is usually close to 40 years.

This gives the state enough time to repay, plus it gives the state enough time to develop a good project and there’s a concession which is what we recommend to the private sector for sustainability and longevity. That is how we stand out from other consulting companies.

Amongst our myriad successful projects, of note is the water project we are currently doing in Ondo State. The total value of this project is about $200million being funded by AFD and co-financed by AFDB.

We measure impact using what we call value for money – that is, how many people have we impacted and for how much.

So, for a $200million project, we will divide the number of beneficiaries by the money we’re spending to know how much it costs per person to be able to provide this water. If for instance $200m has been raised, and there are about 10 million residents in Ondo state, it means it will cost us $20 per person to give them water for life because it becomes sustainable provided the infrastructure is being maintained.

A major milestone for the company was a project executed under our Power and Water Funding Initiative which powered primary health centers and 100 households per primary health center in Ondo State. On this project, for every one thousand primary health centers that we provided power for, over 100 houses were connected to each center making over 100,000 homes enjoying the benefits of power. The success of this project meant that there was electricity, especially at night for medical experts to conduct life-threatening surgeries and deliveries bringing a reduction in mortality rate to up to 90%.

We work with government agencies, corporations and bodies focused on confronting Africa’s challenges and opportunities through innovative projects that make a sustainable impact.

We believe that with hard work, resilience and executing impactful initiatives, we can grow our business to a become multi-billion dollar business and be the first of its kind for a social impact investment firm.