Generating wealth and value for investors

We provide client-tailored investment solutions targeted at delivering unrivalled value to our institutional and individual investors.

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Going the extra mile to create impact

We bridge the gap between infrastructure investment and actual needs.

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Developing solutions to meet investor needs

Our corporate approach relies on trust and enduring partnerships to provide a premium investment experience and long-term satisfaction.

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SAO Capital is a portfolio company of SAO Group

SAO Capital is a leading African investment and multi-competency advisory company with areas of focus embedded across key sectors that are directly connected to the economic improvement of rural Africa.

We aim to build long-term partnerships with various classes of investors by helping them create wealth through the identification of multi-sector opportunities led by a well-diverse team to achieve financial returns.

SAO Capital provides a range of capabilities including:

Our Expertise

  • Corporate and Project Finance
  • Securities
  • Restructuring
  • Divestitures
  • Bond Issuance
  • Privatization
  • Equity and Debt


SAO Capital continues to offer investment solutions designed to create sustainable value for our stakeholders.

We serve an extensive variety of companies, institutions, organizations, and agencies through our investing, financing, and execution expertise.

Our Financial Advisory services

We deliver insights, guidance, and advisory services to help our investors achieve their financial and investment goals.
Our Proposition

Doing business with us ensures optimal risk management.

  • We help our clients create wealth by identifying multi-sector opportunities led by a well-diverse team to achieve financial returns.
  • We identify high-impact projects and raise capital to finance them.
  • We provide our clients with well-researched data and insight into the West African economic environment, challenges, and opportunities.
  • We create complex and time-sensitive development and infrastructure programmes.
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Our stats

Capital raised by Sector

“With a combined portfolio of over $500 million, SAO Capital finances and invests in projects across several sectors including health, agriculture, energy, and the environment to make a viable economic impact for our investors.”

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